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"My ankle has improved 100% Thank you!"
I rolled my ankle at work in February 2008. I went through MRI’s, X-ray, six weeks of physical therapy and I got no relief. I did six weeks of massage therapy, and again got no relief. After several months I was released to go back to work. My ankle only got worse as time went by. Thanks to a friend in February 2010 I was recommended to Alliance Soft Tissue. After 6 visits, with much pain and some therapy my ankle has improved 100% Thank you!
Laura M. age 47

At Alliance Soft Tissue Center, we are proud to have received the following recognition in helping our friends, family and community achieve a greater level of health and renewed function. Thank you for your support from the Premier Soft Tissue Center in the Boise area.
"...left in 1 visit with no pain and normal motion..."
I came in with a shoulder injury and had limited range of motion and 8/10 for pain and left in 1 visit with no pain and normal motion in my shoulder.  
McKena T. age 15

"...gave me mobility...that i've not had in years"
After a childhood accident I suffered with HORRIFIC chronic pain in my jaw, neck, head and back for over fifty years. Doctors told me nothing could be done to alleviate the pain except heavy doses of pain medication. Dr. Race, however, has been extremely successful in not only relieving the pain but giving me mobility in my neck and back that I’ve not had in thirty or forty years! 
 Susan F. age 72

"Congratulations to Dr. Race for ranking in the top 3% of all providers in Idaho."
Major Insurance Company, 2010 statistics
Success Stories for Alliance Soft Tissue Center
"My patients responded better and quicker than I ever noticed from a physical therapist. They were much more likely to follow the recommendations and not become overwhelmed because it was only a few visits."
Dr. Hales, D.C.
"After 2 more treatments within three weeks I am now at a 0..."
Over the past 3 months I have suffered from severe chronic pain in my left shoulder. I work in the dental field and was having to miss work due to this injury. I proceeded to seek treatment with a pain management facility that administered a cortisone injection as well with hundreds of dollars of x-rays to help “diagnosis” the injury. Needless to say within the next 24hr of the injection the pain was back at square one, if not worse. I came into Alliance Soft Tissue center and on my first treatment at a pain level of 10 out of 10 and left with a 4/10. After 2 more treatments within three weeks I am now at a 0 and very thankful. 
Jill F. age 42

"I saw a huge improvement after the first visit."
I’ve had reoccurring back and neck pain for years. Many different therapists have taken dozens of visits to relieve my pain in the past. I was elated when Dr. Race were able to treat my latest bout with pain in just 3 visits. I saw a huge improvement after the first visit. These guys really know what they are doing and I recommend them to anyone with back or joint pain!
 Dave K. age 37
" I was able to drive with NO pain, sit with NO pain, sleep with NO pain, walk with NO pain"
My pain lever was at an 8-10 and had been for five months. The muscle in my right calf to my hip was in so much pain. It hurt to stand, sit, walk, drive and lay down. I was only able to sleep 3-4 hours at night. After my first visit with Dr. Race the pain level was at a 4 and I slept all night. (during) My second visit the pain was from a 3-4, after the treatment, my pain was at a 2. At my third visit the pain was at a one and I was able to drive with NO pain, sit with NO pain, sleep with NO pain, walk with NO pain and stand with NO pain. I am a new woman and I am singing Dr. Race’s praises to everyone!
Audrey D. age 62

"...After 4 visits with Dr. Race, my pain level was nearly gone..."
I had temporal head pain for 2 years. Tried chiropractic, acupuncture and deep muscle massage and nothing corrected the pain. After 4 visits with Dr. Race, my pain lever was nearly gone all the time when I had frequently been at a 5-6 pain level for over a year. I continue to improve and know now what to do in my lifestyle habits to avoid this issue occurring again. I am very grateful for the relief I have found at this clinic.
Rob B. age 45